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Christmas:  A Season for Angels

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Always a Season for Angels

The advertising executive who lost his job and family in a single day; the 32 year old man dying of lung cancer whose only joy in life now is the cancer stick that put him there; the young single mother who fears she will never again find true love; and the daughter who blames herself for her mother's death: They all have one thing in common. They are searching for peace at Christmas time. Vicki Julian will pull at your heartstrings as each person unexpectedly finds the peace they are seeking.

    "Vicki's stories will touch your heart and transport you into a renewed realization of God's unconditional love and mercy for each of us." ---Tom Mach, J.D. Coffin Award Winning Author of Sissy!; All Parts Together; and The Uni Verse

    "New young, talented lady writer earns well-deserved blurb!" --- Bil Keane, creator of The Family Circus

    This author has quickly captured the attention of her reader with stories that anyone can relate to, Christian and non-Christian alike, universal yet original narratives of life experiences that are much too commonplace in today’s society. They seemed almost unsolvable until divine intervention stepped in.

    Joann Williams, Past President, Kansas Authors Club

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At church one Sunday, one of the passages read was from Hebrews 10:24, “Let us consider how to provoke one another to love and good deeds.” (NRS version). Hearing it was akin to a light bulb going on in my head that later spawned this book.

As a Stephen Minister, I search for ways to be of service to others so it was a simple matter to write from a Christian perspective as it relates to the Bible. Because the Bible is our guide to living in accordance with God’s word, basing this book upon it can help Christians live their lives in more actionable ways. (Matthew 5:16). For those who want to know about specific Biblical wisdom contained in this book, scripture is duly noted and the passage quoted in the Addendum. I suspect most readers will discover, as I did, that every positive thought or action I believed was originally mine could be found in scripture.

In writing this book, I solicited ideas from many different sources; from family, friends, business acquaintances, other authors, printed and electronic news, and fellow worshipers. While most everyone does something positive, it wasn't always easy to get others to talk about their good deeds. No one wants to sound boastful, but by sharing ideas, we can encourage one another. And that is exactly the goal of this book. (Hebrews 10:24)

What I’ve also learned along the way is, in the end, it is not who you are, what you do, or what you have that matters. It's how you positively impact the lives of others. Attendance at many memorial services can attest to that as truth. (Luke 12:15).

With the most simple things, we can make a difference. And while it may not always be at the forefront of the evening news, there are many examples of good deeds; celebrities sponsoring a particular cause, everyday people who do extraordinary things on make-a-difference days, individuals or groups who have instituted some remarkable on-going activities, and those who respond with generosity and kindness when disasters strike at home and world wide. But this book isn't about those deeds, although some of them are included. It's about what you and I can do each day (John 14:12). As you read this book, I hope that it will be an inspiration to you, not only to follow, but to find your own opportunities to make this world a little better place.


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Following the success of Vicki Julian's book, Christmas a Season for Angels, this sequel tells the stories of God's people in need throughout the year. The heartfelt struggle of a young man's battle with a deadly disease, a mother's frantic attempts to obtain medicine for her child, a desperate act by an immigrant causes pain for his family, a wife anguishes over the fate of her comatose agnostic husband, and a gay man disowned by his family seeks reconciliation. All pray for God's intervention and receive the most unexpected and heartwarming answers as only Vicki Julian can tell it.

    I just finished reading your second book and really liked it. I was surprised to see so many ‘life lessons ‘ in one short book. I hope the readers pick up on the value this brings to our thoughts and deeds. Whenever we think life is tough, all we need to do is look outside of the 4 walls that hold us to see that we have it made! You bring that to the forefront in this book. Good Job! - Eloise G.

    "I couldn't stop reading it!" - Cheryl O.

    You have such a God given talent for expressing feelings. You do have a talent to make others feel through the written word – Karen H

    Wanted to let you know that I recieved your book Saturday and read the whole thing Sunday. I enjoyed the book very much. I must admit that I cried a lot. – Kathy P

    Great stories! - Lesta K


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